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Finding the right therapist to work with you can be a very

confusing and overwhelming process.  In order to help you decide

whether I am the right therapist for you I have outlined my

qualifications and how I work here.

I am a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and Certified Transactional

Analyst (CTA).  I hold a MSc in Psychotherapy awarded by the

Metanoia Institute in London.  I also hold a Diploma in

Clinical Supervision awarded by the Iron Mill College.


My core philosophy and training is in Relational Transactional

Analysis, however I work in an integrative way with my clients and

draw on a number of different theories and interventions to

support our work together.  I am specialised in working with

psychological trauma and we will shape our work together to

create safety and emotional regulation before exploring the things you choose to bring to therapy.

I have worked with charitable organisations and Higher Education establishments as a trauma counsellor, clinical supervisor and as a lecturer teaching clinical skills and how to work safely with trauma.  


I have experience in supporting with people who have had difficulties in the following areas:


     - Loss and bereavement                                              - Couples counselling

     - Relationships                                                              - Anger management

     - Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)                    - Confidence

     - Bullying                                                                       - Depression

     - Stress                                                                          - Anxiety

     - Self-esteem                                                                - Addiction

     - Sexual Abuse                                                              - Eating disorders & weight loss

     - Trauma                                                                        - Self harm

     - Domestic violence                                                      - Performance sport


I an accredited UKCP (UK Counselling and Psychotherapy) practitioner, IARTA and EATA (European Association of Transactional Analysis).  I adhere to the ethical frameworks of all my professional organisations and I hold full professional indemnity insurance.  

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