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Areas of Expertise:

- Working with trauma / Impact of trauma in organisations

- Managing disclosures / Sexual Harassment / Conflict Management

- Organisation Mental Health / People and Change Management Support

- Sports Performance / Performance anxiety (see below)

As a manager with over 15 years of experience prior to starting my Counselling and Psychotherapy business I offer services to organisations to support the process of managing change as staff can become very anxious and stressed during this time.   If staff feel supported and valued in their workplace stress levels can decrease and loyalty and productivity can increase.  It is possible to take an organisation through change and maintain an engaged workforce if everyone pulls in the same direction. 


My workshops and tailored ongoing support for organisations will enable management teams to effectively understand the impact of mental health issues in the workplace, plan and undergo effective change. I offer managers the opportunity to understand the change process and equip them with the skills to identify how to quickly engage their teams in difficult situations for the longer term benefit. 


I can also offer workshops with teams of whole staff groups to engage everyone in the transformation of an organisation in a positive and healthy way.   









Performance Athletes:

I work with athletes to help develop their winning attitude.  How athletes can focus their energy and harness race day nerves to enhance performance is vital to success in a sporting arena.  As a qualified coach and sporting official this aspect of mental strength is close to my heart and something that I see as important to an athlete’s success as their physical training and coaching.  Combining physical and mental strength is a winning formula and allows individuals to reach their full potential in their chosen field.


My experience enables me to offer a series of workshops which can be tailored to meet a specific training groups needs to support the development of mental strength, coping strategies and performance anxiety management.  I will work with the group’s coach/manager to ensure the workshop gives benefit to the athletes.  I can offer a one off session or a short series to develop resilience in the group.


I have experience in working with both senior performance and age group athletes and can facilitate workshops of up to 16-20 people at a time. 


For more information on costs or discuss your groups particular needs please contact me for an informal conversation. 

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