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I offer a number of discreet services for my clients.  If you are not sure which type of support you require please contact me and I will talk with you about what might be the most relevant service for you.



Counselling can support you if you are experiencing emotional difficulties or psychological distress. It may be that your usual ways of coping are not working anymore and you would like to investigate alternative, more effective ways of behaving or responding.   You might already know what is wrong or you might simply feel that something isn't right which is upsetting.


Counselling is generally a short term talking therapy which provides you with an opportunity to explore issues, concerns or distress affecting your life. It is an opportunity to be heard in a non judgmental, safe and supportive environment.


 As your Counsellor our therapeutic relationship will be built on empathy, trust and respect. It is by offering these conditions that counselling can create a space for you to feel comfortable enough to express your deepest thoughts and feelings and not be or feel judged; a feeling that some people have never experienced before in their life.


I offer individuals a full initial assessment consultation session so you can meet me and discuss your needs and goals of therapy. If you decide that you would like to work with me I offer ongoing weekly 50 minute sessions.



Psychotherapy is generally a longer term therapy which involves listening to your experiences, and exploring connections between your present feelings and your past experiences and events.


This longer term work gives us space to be curious about the issues that are deep rooted in our personal process and allows you to become aware of how you might choose to make changes in how you interact with others in order to live a more satisfied life.


Psychotherapy aims to help you understand more about you and your relationships and can help you to get to know yourself better, improve your relationships and get more out of life. It can be especially useful in helping people with long term or recurring problems get to the root of their difficulties.


This type of therapy is open ended with regular reviews, usually every 12 sessions, to check how you are finding the work and to reflect on the focus of our work.


I offer weekly psychotherapy to clients, each session is 50 minutes long.


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